6 Key Features to Optimize your Book’s 1-page Domain site

In a previous post, I explored how and why an additional domain name for your book title can drive extra traffic and sales of your book, along with some guidelines for selecting the domain name itself. In this post, we look specifically at what content should (and should not) go on this 1-page website.

Here then are 6 suggestions for Optimizing the 1pg website at YourbookTitle.com

  1. Go Minimalist with the Amount of Information
    Think teaser text. Intrigue. White Space. Your #1 goal is to get them to click through to your main Author site, directly to your book’s complete information page. Googlers looking for your book will probably click through anyway. But remember, you may get a few search scragglers who weren’t actually looking for your book. You want them to click too.

  2. Include a Professional JPEG of your Book Cover
    I strongly recommend using a slightly turned 3D version of your book cover. Very few authors do this, but I think it helps you stand out from the crowd. Any book cover that is 3D just looks more, well, like a real book. 3d-pack.com is an easy free program that I’ve been very happy with.
  3. Select 1-2 Short Blurbs or Endorsements
    These are short 1 sentence (or partial sentence) blurbs that get the readers attention, might even feature a little hype.
  4. Limit the Book Synopsis to 1 Sentence
    I believe you are better off without a 3-4 paragraph product description. You want this whole page to be scannable and sponsor a click. That’s all.
  5. Optimize SEO-friendlieness
    Be sure you have correctly filled in the meta data for the Title, Keywords, and Description for the desired search phrase. Make use of the alt descriptions, photos, header tags, all the usual suspects for optimized SEO. I would probably make sure my linkable anchor text out to the main site is the same as your book title (or the searchable keyword phrase, if they are slightly different).
  6. Link only to your Author Site’s Book Page
    You could certainly send them straight to an etailer for purchase, but as I discussed in the last post, my recommendation is to send them to your main website: i.e. to www.YourAuthorSite.com/your-book-title. This is the site you want the traffic going to. This is the page where you can optimize your selling. You can certainly make the book cover, header since et.al. all link to the same page. Just don’t dilute your link equity by adding in any other distractions.

Have fun! I hope this wins your book some additional traffic.

Question: Are there additional considerations I failed to miss? Do you have an experience with an additional BookTitle domain that you can share?

2 Responses to “6 Key Features to Optimize your Book’s 1-page Domain site”

  1. Suzanne January 15, 2012 at 12:38 am #

    Hi Kent,
    Just wanted to let you know how much I’m enjoying your posts. I subscribe via email and have found the information you provide to be very useful as I self-publish my first novel and plan to publish more this year. Marketing is so crucial, I’m learning a lot here. Thanks!

    • Kent Weber January 15, 2012 at 8:32 am #

      Thx Suzanne. Hope I keep up the pace. Good luck w Mrs Tuesday