Rewrite Your Twitter Bio to Get More Followers

Get Followed with a great Twitter bioThe Perfect Twitter Bio is a worthy opponent, a formidable literary challenge — a lot like a silicon valley elevator pitch — only much harder.

You’re supposed to be witty, personal, passionate, keyword-conscious, purpose-driven and indispensibly followable — all in 160 characters. Bull, I know! You have 8 seconds. Try not to get bucked off.

Twitter is arguably the most important social network for writers. You would think more writers would treat the twitter bio like the crown jewel that it is, a showcase for skills. A great bio can be the difference between being followed or set aside.


7 Guidelines for Prioritizing the Content in your Twitter Bio

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Stick the Landing: 7 Design Tips for Profitable Book Landing Pages

Don't Duck Smooth Book Landing Pages?In a previous post, I explored why and how permalink book landing pages generate extra revenue.  Today we’re looking at what should go on this page.  What content ideas and design tips comprise best practices for book landing pages?

As a reminder, your exercise here is to design a variation of an Ad-driven landing page for your book.  Your target is not simply the best of 15 split-tested landing pages optimized for only one specific Ad.  Rather, this is an all-purpose permalink, a single permanent URL on your author website for displaying all of your books sales information.


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Apple Takes a Bite out of Book Marketing: 5 Articles that Slice It Up

A bite out of Apple and Book MarketingCalvin Reid’s subtitle this week at Publishers Weekly sums up the impact of Apple’s annoucement for every stakeholder in this industry:

“No one’s quite sure what Apple’s new textbook format means for publishing.”

The iTunes update was nice. The textbook stuff is cool. (I’d return to school just for that!).  But the shot across Amazon’s bow was the oh-by-the-way “other stuff,” namely iBooks Author, Apple’s nifty new “free” App for creating eBooks.

That shot should straighten the antennae of every author, publisher (and reader) out there.

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7 Reasons Why a Book Landing Page Generates More Revenue

Caution, bold claim approaching! I believe this simple (and often overlooked) book marketing technique could increase traffic and sales revenue for the majority of book authors.

Seth Godin talked about these in the early 1990’s.  The Software, SEO, Info-product and other ad-driven industries all utilize variations of this technique to great success. Most book authors do not. But could.

I’m talking about the dedicated landing page.

What Is A Book Landing Page?

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6 Key Features to Optimize your Book’s 1-page Domain site

In a previous post, I explored how and why an additional domain name for your book title can drive extra traffic and sales of your book, along with some guidelines for selecting the domain name itself. In this post, we look specifically at what content should (and should not) go on this 1-page website.

Here then are 6 suggestions for Optimizing the 1pg website at
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Give Your Book its Own Domain to Increase Traffic and Revenue

Some marketing exercises require large sustained time investments. Others are one-off quickies, but can still pack a big payout.  This one is the latter, a fast but important checklist item.

5 Reasons to Register a Separate (Additional) Domain for Your Book Title

  1. Get “above the fold” (Top 5) in Search Engines
    Keyword-rich domains (which closely mirror a search phrase) often do better in search engines than the same content on an authors main site. For some authors, having a 1-page site at might be the key to landing above the fold on Google, if your main author site isn’t already in the Top 5 for a search on your book title. Your mileage may vary, depending on existing traffic, title length, keyword competition and other factors.  But experimenting or at least evaluating this possibility is a must.  You want keyword searches for “your book title” to come to your site, where you can frame and adjust the pitch, show them additional offerings, maybe even sign them up for your email list.
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Alexa for Authors: 1-Click Intelligence for Blog and Book Marketing

Most authors visit a fair number of websites in a week: blog ideas, research, marketing, the competition, pick a topic. If that’s you, the Alexa browser extension might offer you some real benefits. It saves me valuable time, and makes time invested… more valuable.

The Alexa icon sits right at the end of my URL bar, next to other important extensions like those from, Evernote and Shareaholic, ready to deliver key intelligence with a single click. Claiming your own site and doing an inventory of your current stats is probably worth the download alone.

But Alexa also helps you look behind the curtain of any website. Just click the installed extension for a pop-up snapshot of great info. Here are my 6 favorites:

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Why Your Friends Don’t Market Your Book

Why your friends don't market your bookI learned the top 2 answers to this question right out of college, and they would mark my marketing and sales career.  I was starting work on a presidential campaign. About 60 of us were in a half-day seminar.

The gifted trainer was pounding us for an answer to her question:  “What is the #1 reason people do not contribute to political campaigns?”

There is only one obvious answer, she said. She wanted someone to say it out loud.  But no one could.  She finally handed it to us on a platter.

“They are not asked.” 

Hah!  It was not what I expected, but it made sense. Often, the only reason people don’t help out is because they are not asked to. No invitation.

The translation to book marketing and sales is fairly straightforward. When it comes to your family, friends and fans, have you asked them to help “spread the word” about your work?  Explicitly? Artfully? How many times have you asked?

Even though social media has made it easier than ever to “share,” as Authors, we cannot assume that our supporters will proactively jump in.  Acquiring supporters, motivating them, writing compelling content that begets impromptu sharing is a separate issue, of course.  Perhaps it goes without saying that we must find the right “voice,” identify the right ways to ask, and certainly earn the right to ask.  But ultimately, we still have to pop the question.  Will you help?

The 2nd reason people don’t help market your books (or blog) is closely related.

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Leverage Customer Images and Notes to Optimize Your Book’s Sales Page on Amazon

This is the launch post of a new blog series entitled “Amazon Optimized: Accelerate your book sales on the Big River with refined use of every marketing tool. (Also the Title of my Forthcoming Book on the topic)

In this post, I offer 2 justifications, 4 suggestions and 2 examples on how to leverage “Share your own Customer Images” to drive more sales of your book on Amazon.

This book marketing effort is a perfect example of the dozens of (mostly free) marketing tools that exist on Amazon which too often go unnoticed, underutilized or “unoptimized.” This opportunity is not exactly hidden. It is right there in the upper left, above the fold, beneath the cover, for every book on Amazon.

I was first introduced to this strategy by Laura Pepper Wu. Her fantastic article on customer images appeared as a guest post on Tony Elderidge’s blog, Marketing Tips for Authors, a blog which also appears in my 2011 “Top 10 Book Marketing Sites, Ranked by Traffic.” Tony’s interest in a post on this topic was spot on. Even 4 months later on December 22, 2011, Laura’s article is still listed on his site as #1 in his “Popular Posts – last 30 days.” Authors are clearly paying attention. Accordingly, I’d like to thank Laura for being on the cutting edge and offer a few additional thoughts on this tool, that I’ve accumulated since implementing her suggestion.

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Top 10 Book Marketing Sites – Ranked by Traffic

This is the launch post for

Whenever one goes to say something new, I think it is always a good idea to acknowledge those who have gone before you, who have already done the heaviest lifting in your field, who have organized the party you are inviting yourself to. In identifying the online standard bearers in the arena of book marketing, I thought it best to try and remove some subjectivity and just “go with the numbers.”

Here then, are the Top 10 most trafficked sites in book marketing.

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